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Stocked S160CB-RH

For Sale!

Progressive Machine Company currently has one (1) Model S160CB-RH currently in stock for sale, ideal for customers who have an immediate need!

This Dual-Spindle Spooler/Winder is available in Blue and right-hand construction (material flows from right to left into the winder).

For more information on our standard S160CB machines and additional specifications, please visit our S160CB web page here.

Options Included:

  • Dual Set-Point Counter – with digital read out in either feet or meters (please specify) and the preset activates a signal strobe light located on top of main upright
  • Low-inertia S.T.C. (Speed & Tension Control) – includes the Low-Inertia and the standard dancer arms (interchangeable) for a total tension force range from 3 oz to 2 lbs.
  • Stainless Steel Guards – applicable to the front, top, and rear machine guards

Machine configuration:

  • Power: 230VAC/1PH/60Hz
  • Speed Range (with existing reducer): 18-280 fpm (on a 20" OD x 6" ID package)
  • Max. Traverse Pitch: 1.51"
    • Spool shafts: 1-1/4” diameter Stainless-Steel included, other sizes available
  • Pulleys: one (1) set of any of our standard pulleys will be included

Please note that this machine can be reconfigured in order to match your specific needs. Please provide us with your information to make sure this machine is right for you by filling out our Application Data Sheet form page here.

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*Not all components, parts, or pieces shown in the picture(s) below are included in this deal. All sales subject to our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

Stocked S160CB-RH