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Oscillating Traverse Winder Model 680

Progressive Machine’s Model 680 is our largest, heavy duty, oscillate winding system. It is designed for 24 hour a day, seven day a week service in the take up of strip or tubular materials. This unit is designed to be used either in winding directly from an extrusion press or in large capacity rewinding operations ( 8,000 lb. max. arbor capacity).

An adjustable pivoting guide is furnished at the entry side of the winder. The winding arbor runs in anti-friction bearings fixed to a welded steel frame and is driven through a timing belt. The entire frame is moved axially on a sub-base by a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic positioning is controlled through a Linear Encoder and digital encoder feedback to the Industrial Computer for continuous position correction. This provides for precise winding patterns regardless of stops and starts. A hydraulic stripper is included on the winder frame to discharge completed coils .

The Model 680 utilizes the unique ACCU-WIND™ control system which offers an infinitely customizable, pattern based method of controlling variables for traverse and lay. Optimum settings must be established and then saved for future use. Thereafter, they can be easily recalled insuring consistency and repeatability on future winds.


Material Thickness.010 to .125 in
Material Widthto 2 in
Max. Package O.D.72 in
Max. Package Weight8000 lb
Max. Winding Speed1500 fpm
Rewind Tension10 to 200 lb
Traverse PitchAdjustable from 0 to 2.125 in
Traverse TypeHydraulic


Although Progressive Machine Company offers several standard products, each is infinitely customizable as determined by customer need. Machine specifications are subject to change based on the individual requirements. Progressive Machine Company provides unique, application specific, solutions.