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S109CB Single Spindle Traverse Winder

Progressive Machine Company's Model S109 is designed as a versatile, simple winder that is designed for use in rewind applications. This common sense engineering solution provides a mechanically sensible machine with only twenty moving parts that is low cost and easy to maintain. The 109 utilizes a direct motor to reducer drive, high quality variable speed control circuitry, and mechanical traverse mechanism with variable pitch control.

The Model 109 offers several options for tension control including the standard STC (dancer) and the Progressive non-contact loop controller or Telesensor. The variety of tension control options permits the effective winding of any number of sensitive products without the risk of damaging due to improper tensioning. The Model 109 has been successfully used on everything from delicate materials like fine wire and non woven strip, to stiff material like string trimmer line.

This quality built machine is supplied with an independent drive and traverse assembly mounted in a tall narrow profile in order to limit floor space requirements. The 109 provides consistent, level wound packages on a very reasonable budget, yet all components and control systems are supplied to insure durability and consistent long term results.


Drive1/2 hp, DC (Standard)
Frequency60 Hz
Hand TypeLeft or right hand configurations available
Material O.D.to 1 in
Material Widthto 1.5 in
Max. Package O.D.24 in
Max. Package Weight60 lb
Max. Package Width20 in
Max. Winding Speed on 6" Core500 fpm
Rewind Tension, STC6 to 32 oz
Rewind Tension, Telesensor10 to 75 g
Traverse PitchInfinitely Adjustable
Traverse TypeMechanical
Voltage110/220 V


1) Applicable to a wide variety of flat or round materials
2) Readily changeable from product to product
3) Repeatable results from package to package
4) Speed controlled for maximized wind consistency throughout the package


Although Progressive Machine Company offers several standard products, each is infinitely customizable as determined by customer need. Machine specifications are subject to change based on the individual requirements. Progressive Machine Company provides unique, application specific, solutions.